Dreams. The thoughts you think about when you’re deep asleep. The alternative world that you step into when you shut your eyes and let your body heal. But here’s an interesting idea. What if the fantasies you dream about are ways for you to enter the world of a parallel universe? In this post, I’ll try to combine these two ideas and describe this theory. 

The Parallel Universe

Before I start rambling on, let me educate you on the ‘parallel universe’. Yes, I put that in quotes because that theory might be false. But let us assume it is true, for the sake of this blog post. There are multiple universes that span across space that are either all carbon copies of our universe or completely contrasting our cosmos. This is called the multiverse. Within each of these universes, there might be the Milky Way galaxy. Zoom in more, and you get to the planet level, where you can state that there are multiple earths. Zoom in again, and you reach the statement which concludes that are multiple copies of yourself, all living different types lives. Yes, that sounds scary. Imagine meeting several versions of yourself, all accomplishing different sets of instructions. I linked a Youtube video below if you want to learn more about the parallel universe. It is a bit long but I highly recommend you watch it if you’re interested. I also linked a great fictitious book I read that goes into this alternate reality. I totally recommend you check it out. The two links can be found at the bottom of this post.


Okay, now you know what the parallel universe is or have at least some kind of knowledge on it. Back to my point on how dreams are ways for us to travel to these faraway lands to witness a new dimension. I am always amazed at how effortlessly our brain can cause these illusions in our minds. Worlds form in front of us without any lag or disruptions. It feels like our encephalon is following a script and knows exactly what to show us that night.

Why can’t we resume a dream from the previous night?

Our brains seem to randomly generate these storylines, ones that cannot be regenerated. Suppose that our brains are showing something in real time, in some other universe. Then, it will just have to show us a glimpse into that world, rather than generating it by itself. Similar to our universe, we can’t go back in time to view the same scene again. Also, this might be the same reason why we can’t decide on what dream to have tonight. The images are just of ourselves experiencing life in another universe.

Furthermore, communicating in dreams is somewhat difficult. You might have noticed that by now. It feels like you have been put into spectate mode of a video game and are just viewing the scene from the sidelines. Another version of yourself is completing the missions in real time while you watch them from another universe, far far away.

To end off, if you just watched your “clone” accomplish something that you want to achieve, then go make that a reality. This is what a dream is at the end of the day. A way for you to experience something before it becomes your way of life.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to dreams. What do you think dreams are about? Comment below!


Thank you so much for reading my newest post! I know it is a bit different from what I usually post, but the idea came to me in the shower. (I swear someone can cure cancer from taking a shower). I put this in the casual writing section, but there is nothing casual about it. 👀

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Thank you once again for reading this! The book and video links are below.

-Bhavik 🙂

The book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27833670-dark-matter

Here is the Youtube video:

9 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. That is a very interesting question. It might be the case where our brain is in a state between dreaming and day-dreaming. Is this considered a dream even? I’m not totally sure. I think all of us have experienced day-dreaming (thinking about something so vividly while awake) and lucid dreaming might be a case of this. But thank you for pointing that out!


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