A Picture With A Story, Part 6: The Toronto Islands

Part 6 is here! Another boat ride. I know what you thinking. All that Bhavik does is hike trails and ride boats. No, that’s not true. These recurring archetypes do not summarize my entire life. I added more pictures at the bottom of this post to illustrate the story a bit better. Anyways, here is the adventure!


Another bright, sunny day in the ‘Six’ (Toronto). Ferries, hanging onto their anchors, circle the water waiting for tourists to explore the islands. A white ferry glimmers in the sun. The main attraction is to set foot on to one of the islands that float in Lake Ontario, just a couple kilometres from the harbour of Toronto. Seagulls sing as they glide effortlessly over our heads. The fresh air cleanses our lungs from the dust and allergens that hover in the air during the summer months. Just 20 minutes later, after buying our tickets, we are gliding over the blue, freshwater system of Lake Ontario.

The announcers are pointing out interesting facts about the region that amuses all the passengers aboard. The hot sun is cancelled out by the cool breeze that is created from the boat pushing itself further into the light blue water. 30 minutes later, we are walking around on the island. A large toy prototype of a train runs across the island, making it easier for us to take in everything that the island offers. Trees cover the entire environment, shielding us from the burning rays of our star.

The train ride concludes in the same region where the ferry docked. The water patterns keep alternating with the wind. With the sun setting between the clouds, the image created before our eyes is incredible. The scene is straight out of an artificially created movie set. The spectacle is split into two halves. On one side, a cerulean sky sits on top of the dark blue lake. While on the other side, yellow coloured clouds colourize the transparent water bisque (refer to panorama image at the bottom).

Here comes the ferry! As we head back, we stare at the enormous skyline coming into view. Toronto, the scene similar to all the thousands of pictures that circulate the internet of this great city. The CN tower stands tall, acting like a large lighthouse, too far from the shore, however. Cameras start clicking straight away. Photographers like me are not annoyed by the buzzing of insects all over the area. The captain cuts the boat, allowing us to fill up our phones with pictures of the skyline.

Before we know it, the harbour comes into view and the ferry docks.


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I also updated my personal website bhaviknaik.com! Go check the new pictures I added! This link has the other 5 parts of this series.



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