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Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Bhavik Naik and I am a student at the University of Toronto, studying computer science. I started this blog to write about anything that interests me and hopefully, there are topics that interest you. There will be a lot of technology and sports-related blog entries but sometimes, I might write about topics that might be trending worldwide.

Some things about me: I love sports, I follow nearly everything especially soccer, hockey, and tennis. I play a lot of sports too, including tennis and soccer.  I am also a photographer, you can find my work on the photography page and you can find and follow me on Instagram. I also love technology, coding and designing programs and websites. The musical instruments that I play are the drums and the Tabla. I also write and sing songs and I am a massive Ed Sheeran fan. I’m Canadian. You can find out much more about me from my social media accounts and my personal website too, just click the links in the footer and the menu bar.

You might have noticed that the links in the menu bar link to pages outside of WordPress and that is because I created that website to describe myself even more so just click this to redirect there. That site is constantly being updated as I take more pictures and I will add new blog posts when the site contains new content.

Thank you once again for visiting this site. I would really appreciate feedback and comments. You can submit a comment or some feedback in the contact page.

Give me a follow, all the information can be found in the footer! You can use email or WordPress to follow me!

-Bhavik 🙂

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