A Picture With A Story, Part 7: The Scarbrough Bluffs

Part 7 is finally here and it is on the Scarbrough Bluffs. Basically, a tall cliff that overlooks Lake Ontario. The picture isn’t the greatest but it does illustrate scene at the top. I have included numerous pictures to detail the scene. I hope you like it!


The TTC subway car chimes as it gently closes the door to the station. It accelerates abruptly as it hops station to station. 30 stops later, the doors open to Kennedy in Scarborough, Ontario. A short while later, we are walking a 2 km hilly road heading to a picnic site. The light blue lake water sparkles from the bright star.

IMG_20170723_143346The crashing waves in front allow the surfers to ride the average height tides. The warm sand below our feet makes its way into our running shoes. A quick glance back introduces us to an extensive wall that looms above the sandy beach. Brown rocks rise up to a height of 90 metres (300 ft). As the beachgoers enjoy the warm, sandy floor, a large, dark nimbostratus cloud forms above, making the water a light shade of grey. A slight drizzle commences leading to people gather up their belongings and head towards massive umbrellas that are tightly implanted into the ground. We take a seat and tune into crashing waves in front of us.

Greg’s Flickr 

After a couple of hours, we follow shore to into a swampy region that engulfs the lengthy grassroots and comprises numerous private beach areas. One small opening invites us to fling tiny pebbles towards the body of water. The rock bounces on the water like a child on a trampoline. It isn’t that high. Onwards we trek until we arrive at a wooded region that contains mud traps from last night’s rainstorm. We walk back again across the arenaceous shore towards the route that will lead us up to the top of the cliff. The windy road returns but this time, the walk is different. It is all uphill. At the top, we are greeted with numerous small motels and stores that allow tourists to stay for the night. IMG_20170723_163639.jpgA colourful sign advertises a motel that contains coloured television. A right turn leads us to a small, bungalow style house neighbourhood. The entrance to the bluffs.

At last, we reach it. The top of the Scarborough Bluffs. A quick look towards the park makes you think that the sky is lower than the horizon. But, then you notice the blue lake water giving that effect. The waves, the tourists, and the umbrellas look like Lego pieces that are moving. 20170723_172900The only aspect that looks the largest is the lake. The overcast sky makes the lake a murky blue. It is boundless. One vast sheet of water. Trees sway calmly as the cool breeze blows. Large red warning signs are planted all around proclaiming the risk of a potential landslide. The air is fresh and clean up here with a slight smell of precipitation. Overcast skies create a dark and tranquil atmosphere overlooking the lake.


Thank you so much for reading the post! I never posted last week because I didn’t have many ideas to write about but after a week of researching, I started to form better ideas. This blog might start getting a flair for tech stories but I will definitely continue these types of posts! I also have a couple of opinion/editorial ideas which I will be posting. They will be controversial but that adds to more discussion!

If you haven’t read any of my other Pictures with a Story posts, then you can find all of them at this link!

Have you visited the Scarborough Bluffs before? Comment below!

Lastly, thank you to Wibble for sharing my post on Google Duplex and writing a great article about the new technology! I will definitely recommend you read it if you want to learn more about Google’s telephone service!

Bhavik 🙂

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