A Picture with a Story: Part 5: The Thousand Islands

Part 5 is here! It has been a while since I posted. School is done for the semester so I can spend some time writing about a boat ride around magical islands near Kingston Ontario¬†ūüá®ūüá¶.

This is one of the pictures I snapped on the boat. I do not know the name of the island but it looks fairly cool. Anyways here is the story! I have included a gallery at the bottom with other pictures I took on the trip. I hope you like them!


The warm air surrounds us as we wait to board the boat. A white vessel with three floors glimmers in the sun. The beginning of July is a perfect time for tourists to drive the three hours from Toronto to witness the St. Lawerence River. We are one of those tourists. The line starts to move towards the boat. The captain with his attendants wave hello to each passenger and displays a bright grin. We climb the stairs and sit on top. The burning sun beames down the heat on the metal seats and guard rails, causing them to smoulder. We take a seat and start taking in the fresh air. The captain makes a few announcements and then we are off.

The hot temperature suddenly turns cool as the boat floats away from the dock. The faster we go, the cooler the air gets. We start seeing them. Islands. Everywhere you look. Some have houses. Some have castles. Others are uninhabited by humans but are home to a diverse animal population. Docks branch out into the water, acting like roads for people to travel on. The air is fresh, full of biodiversity. The whitewater swishes from the sides of the vessel as it propels itself further into the city of islands.

Docks branch out into the water, acting like roads for people to travel on.

Calm waves are being formed, causing ripples in the water. Fish start jumping out the river as we pass a swampy region where a large population of frogs live. The announcer keeps directing our eyes to the different lands which surround us. One home, on average, is on an island, taking privacy to new heights. A small castle and a deserted military base come into view. Camera clicking sounds surpass the buzz of insects flying around. The Caribbean style live music begins to play on the speakers. We look over the edge and see the guitarist and singers all smiling as the ferry moves past a boathouse. Jet skis are seen speeding past while sailboats are drifting off into the sun.

The captain announces that the boat is turning back. However, the islands we pass are completely different, or they look different. Most of them have the similar attributes but what really sets them apart are the homes that are built on them. A defining factor that makes each island unique. Final preparations are well underway. We take one final deep breath.

The three-hour boat ride is over. The boat docks and the tourists gather around for a picture with the captain.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I hope to post another entry before school resumes again so stay tuned for another post! If you want to read about an island I set foot on, you can read my previous post here! The entire ‘pictures with stories’ collection can be found at this link! Thank you all who still follow me despite my long intervals of posting. I want to try posting during school, but it gets hard to find time with all the homework.

Have you been a boat and experienced something like this? Comment your experiences below, I would love to read about similar locations!

Below is a gallery of photos I took on the boat.

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