A Picture with a Story, Part 3: The Rogers Center

Part three is here and it is about a baseball game at a the Rogers Center! This link has the previous two parts.


The Toronto Blue Jays vs the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Center in Toronto, 🇨🇦. The context of the image is long, so I’m going to shorten it to the timeframe when I snapped this picture.

The large scoreboard shows Josh Donaldson’s face as he makes his way to home plate. The Blue Jays are down 2-0 to the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Center. Bottom of the 5th inning. As he stands there, the crowd cheers, hoping to see something from their home team. Some indication that they can come back after a disappointing game. Thwump! The catcher buries the ball into his glove. Donaldson doesn’t move.
“Strike”! The home plate umpire says. As we watch the at bat, you can hear someone calling a home run on the next pitch. Thwump! Nothing happens.
“Strike 2”! The crowd of 40,606 groans. Two outs later, Kevin Morales arrives at the plate.
Whack! The ball flies. Everyone holds their breath, hoping it will be a home run. No, it isn’t. Just a routine fly ball to the centre of the field. The Baltimore player catches it and starts running to his dugout. Everyone exhales. The baseball diamond clears out. We stand up, stretch and start moving towards the exit of the section we are in. Our next stop? The 5th deck.

After walking up the stairs, we reach the top of the sports stadium. The athletes look like small kids enjoying a game of baseball with an unexpectedly large crowd. A light cool evening breeze gusts. The roof is open, revealing the night sky above a brightly lit Rogers Center. A concrete tower looms above. The CN Tower. Red tonight for no apparent reason. Majestic in size, mesmerizing to look at.

“The athletes look like small kids enjoying a game of baseball with an unexpectedly large crowd.”

Whack! Another crack of a bat below. The ball flies closer to us, stops and makes a sudden drop towards the glove of a Toronto player. The crowd roars as the Blue Jays prevent another run from being scored.
The scoreboard now reads 3-0 to the Orioles, the game is relatively over. We agree to leave before the 9th inning begins.
Outside, fans stream out into Toronto’s entertainment district. A brightly coloured ‘Canada 150’ is sitting outside. A photo magnet for thousands, including us. We take a couple of pictures. Grainy pictures of us smiling are shown on a smartphone. Our bus back is at 11:15 PM. We follow the blue crowd towards Union Station. After standing for an hour, we arrive back to our area. The next day has just started.

The final score, if you’re wondering? 3-1. Yup, we missed a home run.

Hi before you leave,

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Thank you for reading this post, it means a lot to me that my posts are being read! Also, I hope you like the “Pictures with a Story” collection I am developing.  Now you must have noticed that I post almost every two weeks. With school starting soon, it will be difficult for me to keep up that tradition. My next post might be in middle October and then in December. 😦
Again I’m sorry for letting you wait so long. Please look forward to the next part!

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