A Picture With a Story, Part 2: The TDHSC Building at UTM

Part two of “Photos With a Story” is the scenic University of Toronto Mississauga trail. Click here to read part one. This page has all the posts in this category.


The Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex at the University of Toronto Mississauga underneath cloudy skies. A building I haven’t been in still.

I hand in the final exam to the professor sitting at the table. My last one. As I make my way out the gym doors at the University of Toronto Mississauga, I could hear students all gathered together reviewing answers after the gruelling 2-hour exam. I force my way up the stairs to the cafeteria, trying to not hear all the incorrect answers I put. After searching for my friends for three minutes, I finally spot them on the other side of the building. Moments later, we are nearing a trail which bordered the campus.

As we push the long grass away, we notice a dark brown thin pathway which leads into a forest region. It wasn’t a cold day, but you definitely needed a sweater especially because the dark clouds blocked the yellow sunlight away. A normal April afternoon in the Greater Toronto Area. Underneath the tree cover, it was even darker. The air smells like rain, refreshing our lungs every time we take a breath. Stepping over twigs and branches, we continue forward, hopefully reaching the end before it pours. By now, the right side of the view is a cliff leading to a small stream of water at the bottom of a valley. The further we walk, the steeper the cliff gets. Our field of vision is flooded by tree bark as leaves haven’t emerged yet.

Rain begins to drizzle. We throw on our hoodies and still keep tracking forward. The temperature gets colder. We come across to a bridge or what looked like a bridge. Just one thick log that went over a small stream of water. One by one, we cross it. It shakes too much for comfort. The quick drizzle made the track muddier, threatening to ruin the white shoes we are wearing. Large tree roots crisscross the trail making it harder to walk on. We advance further.

The end emerges ahead. The trail extends further but into private property. Large red signs dare trespassers to continue walking ahead. We turn back and look at the view. The cliff is extremely steep, almost 80 degrees. A stream with murky grey water flows gently around the bend, outside our scope. As we retrace our steps, we notice somebody trying to get a snapshot of a bird. In no time, we are boarding a bus, heading home.

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