A Picture With A Story Part 1: Snug Harbour

This is the first post in the series called, “A picture with a story” where I will try to provide a context for some of the images I have taken. For the first post, I picked this picture:


I call it Snug Harbour, referring to the restaurant in the picture that makes Lake Ontario glow.

As we walked the boardwalks in Port Credit, the cool night breeze whistled softly. Shivering from this, we drank our boiling Coffee Culture drinks from light blue plastic cups. As we gazed towards the lake, the reflection of the restaurant on the water shined bright. The sun set an hour ago, leaving a faint blue sky. A colour that you can barely see. The only light guiding us on the path was the incandescent street lamps which lined the port. Our drinks got colder after each step as we walked further down the boardwalk. Up ahead we could see a bridge that went over a small stretch of water that poured into the lake. We looked down from the bridge and saw the high water levels engulfing the walkways below. The sidewalks were covered with an inch of cold Lake Ontario water. Fortunately for us, no water flooded the walkway we were on.

We stop at a bench, to take pictures. The sweaters we bought get thrown on as the wind gets colder. Those who never bring one, freeze. One, two, three, four pictures underneath another lamp. With flash? Or without flash, which one will look better? Drinks disappear into the garbage can which stands beside the bench, it was probably cold too. Our dark shadows kept forming and moving on the yellow lit concrete walkway as we continue down the path towards the lake. Now, both sides of the track are covered by darkness. Pitch black water, pitch black sky. We can see the end, not too far ahead. Dark. Black. There was a dimly lit anchor. We look up to find a bright crescent moon staring back at us, the brightest object this far out. We stand by the anchor and look around and see nothing, nothing at all. Almost like we closed our eyes. The sound of waves hitting the shorelines was the only indication that there was water ahead. Pictures again, standing on the metal anchor, symbolizing the feat of reaching the end of the boardwalk.

“We stand by the anchor and look around and see nothing, nothing at all. Almost like we closed our eyes.”

We turn back. Us six only, the only humans out this far. (I say that if there were aliens living too). We pass the bench again. We don’t stop this time. As we see the brightly lit restaurant again, “Photograph” plays. Inside, you can see people cleaning the tables, getting ready for the next day. The restaurant is closed by now. A lighthouse emerges and we take a picture. A couple of pictures. Before we know it, we were sitting in a heated car making our way back. The dashboard screen reads 10:30PM.

Look forward to more stories with pictures. You can guess what picture is next by looking at the photography page!

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