Year 2100, What Will It Be Like?


Everybody thinks about the future. What will it be like, where will we live, what will our species look like? These are a number of questions out of many when I think about the future. In this blog post, I will try to illustrate what I think the year 2100 will look like.

2100 may seem far away and there are a lot of breakthroughs that the human species still have to make. My prediction is that we will be living on another planet. Yes. that sounds weird and you may think how on earth are we going to move 7 billion people to another planet. The new planet can also be years away even if we manage to travel at the speed of light, but it is an idea which we may make a reality. We have already planned for humans to travel to Mars, so another planet that has similar attributes to earth does not sound far fetched. We just need to find the right one.

So after reading the last paragraph, you might be thinking what if we don’t move, and stay on this planet which we call home. Well, global warming is a real thing. It is ruining the only planet we know that can hold life. If we do nothing, the conditions on the earth will be too brutal for us to live in. We can prevent the temperature on earth from overheating but it will take time, resources and more than anything, a global effort to stop climate change, not just from a few countries. So combating climate change will be the first step for living on this planet 83 years from now.

2100 is 83 years away and that is 83 years for us to survive as the human species. The first question that may come to your head is, will we still be alive? It does not take long for an asteroid to crash into the earth and bring havoc. The dinosaurs, as reported suffered from this impact and it wiped out their entire species. Yes, there are still forms of dinosaurs still existing today but the majority of the large animals which scientists still study were killed by this devasting impact. This blog post was not intended to scare people into thinking about this being a possibility but I think that it has crossed the minds of many humans living today as they educate themselves in the past.

So after reading this post, you might be thinking, where are the flying cars, high tech gadgets and so on. They will be there, nobody knows what pieces of technology we will be holding in our hands 83 years from now. It just takes one breakthrough from some scientist which changes all gadgets and devices.

What do you think the year 2100 will look like? Do you agree with my guess? Comment below!

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