#OneLoveManchester Top 3 Moments of the Concert

One of the best concerts of the decade took place at the Old Trafford cricket ground, yesterday in Manchester, England. It featured one of the most star-studded singers and musicians in the world of pop. The concert set up by Ariana Grande featured Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay,  Mac Miller, Katy Perry, and other well-known singers and artists. All benefits went to Red Cross after the horrible attacks at an Ariana Grande performance at the Manchester Arena two weeks ago. The link of the show can be found at the end of the post.

The simple theme of love transformed everyone watching on all social media services and tv networks. It was extremely jaw-dropping to see the atmosphere created by the 60000+ fans as they all sang in unison with the artists on the stage. Ariana Grande, being just 23 created one of the most exciting and inspiring concerts the world has ever witnessed. Kudos to Ariana and her team for getting all the artists together for one big show. The pressure she had to go through and the people she helped throughout these times in England showcased her true personality as a humble and caring individual.

To watch these artists perform their biggest hits in front of 60000+ screaming fans was exactly what Ariana wanted and the entire concert could have not gone any better. These are my top three moments from the concert:

3. Robbie Williams’s song, Manchester We’re Strong

To hear the crowd chant, “Manchester We’re  Strong, Manchester We’re Strong” gave everyone goosebumps as it portrayed a sense of togetherness and showed that the city is fearless from any threat.

2. Coldplay’s Performance of Fix You, Viva La Vida and Something Just Like This

Coldplay played one of the of best live performances of 2017 when Chris Martin sang three of his biggest hits. With fireworks and confetti flying everywhere after the performance, it was a must watch.

1. Ariana Grande’s cover of Over The Rainbow

To close the concert, Ariana performed the best performance of the night as she sang Over The Rainbow. It was my favourite performance as she was the only one on the stage singing her heart out to her fans. A tearful performance left everyone emotional and capped an awesome night of music and dancing.

Here is the concert:



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